Puppy Day Care

Puppy Day Care in London

Bringing your new puppy home has to be one of the most exciting days ever! But then the hard work starts! It is absolutely crucial to start socialising your puppy as soon as they’ve had their set of injections-  this is hard enough even with unlimited free time, never mind if you’re trying to work from home, and if you’re out at the office they can’t be left on their own at home all day either. We can take care of this for you to take off the pressure so you are able to get on with your daily working life while your puppy is being well cared for by us and getting this positive socialisation they desperately need!

Once your pup has had their injections, we can come and pick them up and take them out into the big wide world to start gently socialising them with everything they need to get used to including, most importantly- other dogs! We have a group of friendly dogs for your puppy to make friends with and to learn from, and introduce them to as many different situations as possible. We will start working on recall in the safety of the daycare- and they will quickly be able to play and explore off lead with you in the parks.

Our puppy daycare is simply the best way of socialising your puppy and has been fine tuned over 10 years to be that perfect start for them, ensuring they grow up to be happy and friendly around other dogs and people. We have worked with all sorts of breeds including dogs that would usually have the reputation of being snappy and nervous once older. Our puppy daycare and socialisation helps these dogs to be friendly, playful dogs who are happy around dogs for the rest of their lives.

As well as focussing on their socialisation, we put a programme together to work on their basic training and toilet training so they grow up being well mannered. We also make sure there is lots of opportunity to rest during their time with us and of course the all important puppy lunchtime is a big highlight of the day!

As well as acres of outdoor space, we also have our puppy and small dog play barn- so even in bad weather the fun doesn’t stop! Filled with beds, toys and play equipment and joining on to almost half an acre of clean woodchip to play on- this is the perfect place for our smaller friends to spend the day!

Depending on the breed of your pup, they will gradually move up into different groups as they grow so they continue to play with dogs of a similar size. This means if you have a large breed pup, they don’t accidentally become a bully while trying to play with teeny pups, and if you’re the proud owner of one of those teeny pups- your little one is safely away from the bigger, more boisterous guys!

Our team at Buddies work really hard to give puppies the best start in life. We have a dedicated supervisor to watch over them and monitor their progress. We also work closely with trainers to focus on specific things to aid their development and we can also flag things up early on that we can help owners work on before they become a major issue.

All this takes place in a fun and sociable setting, purpose built to be stimulating and enriching for them. We have puppy suitable playground equipment, a wide range of toys, mini splash pools, tree trunks and shady rest zones. Split between indoor and outdoor areas- with pups always able to choose where they want to play, we are confident there is no better place for them to begin their exciting lives.

All of the puppies that we take care of at Buddies come to us on the same schedule, and we recommend at least 2 set days per week, so the dogs are in a routine and we get to know each puppy individually as if they were our own. Pups are picked up and dropped home by the same member of loving staff each day, so you always have a regular point of contact and know who is coming in and out of your home.

Additional Services

If you join Buddies, you also get access to these great additional services too!

Overnight Care

When you have to go away for work or head off on holiday, it can be a bit of a pain trying to find somewhere trustworthy for your dog to stay... That's why many of our staff offer private house sitting for our regular daycare dogs so they can relax at home as usual and still get to play the days away at daycare with their buddies! Plus you get the added bonus of having someone keep watch over your home and water your plants! Overnight care is available all year round- from a single night to a few weeks away, however it is entirely dependant on our staff's availability so booking in advance is always recommended!

Veterinary Care

We are fortunate enough to be partnered with a great veterinary service called Vet In The City. Each month a vet comes to our daycare and provides a full health check on dogs signed up to the service- you receive a comprehensive report allowing you to keep track of your dogs health and spot any potential issues quickly in advance. It also includes all of their monthly worming and spot on treatments plus their annual vaccinations as and when they are due! They work in partnership with your usual vets, so the process of adding this service on is easy as pie!

Louanne with Arthur

I don’t know what I’d do without Buddies Doggy Day Care. Arthur has been going there since he was puppy, and loves his days in the country at puppy day care. It’s great to know that he’s being well cared for and having fun with his buddies whilst I’m at work, he comes back ready to snooze in his bed – quite an achievement by the team! Buddies Doggy Day Care provide a professional, reliable, trustworthy, yet personable service – we love them

Arthur the dog at Buddies Doggy Day Care

Christine with Goose

Buddies Doggy Day Care is an excellent company and we very highly recommend their services. When we first got our puppy chihuahua we contacted them about socialising and taking care of our new addition. They were friendly, professional, knowledgeable and SO helpful. We have now had Goose with Buddies Puppy & Doggy Day Care for over four years and have experienced nothing but outstanding customer service.

Goose the dog at Buddies Doggy Day Care

Ceilidh with Toby and Coco

Our two Cockapoo puppies joined Buddies when they were just 3 months old and we have since left them with the team with absolutely no worries that they would enjoy every moment. The team not only care for the dogs as if they were their own but they are flexible, accommodating and do everything they can to ensure the service is perfect – and it is!!

You only have to see their furiously wagging tales as the van pulls up each morning to know that they can not wait to be back there everyday!

Toby & Coco the dogs at Buddies Doggy Day Care

Adena with Teddy

You cannot find better than the Buddies team! When I went back to work and needed to find daycare for my puppy I did so much research and met with every company in London. Buddies are simply the best. I sent my puppy to them when he was only 13 weeks old and he has grown up with them. He is now the most well adjusted, happy, sociable dog and I know it has so much to do with their daycare. Every day I send him to them I know he is the safest hands.

Teddy the dachshund at Buddies Doggy Day Care

Richard with Barney

Buddies have taken care of our dog, Barney, in day care from day one. The service that is provided is second to none. Barney is happy, confident, well behaved and healthy. We never need to worry about him. The team is totally reliable, trustworthy and flexible. Barney’s routine is consistent and it is clear that he enjoys his day care very much. It gives us peace of mind, knowing he is in the hands of people who care for him as much as we do.

Barney the dog at Buddies Doggy Day Care