Primrose Hill Doggy Day Care

NW3 & NW1


Primrose Hill is where Buddies was born all those years ago and is still at the heart of our daycare. We are lucky enough to take care of a large proportion of the dogs and pups who live in Primrose Hill and the rest of NW1 & NW3 and you can always find our dogs searching each other out in the park at the weekend to carry on the fun and games, with their owners hot on their heels!


Dog Daycare

Every day is a play day here at Buddies! Your dog will have the time of their life with over 16 acres of secure meadow to run around, play and have fun with their with their pals. We even promise to clean them up in our warm doggy showers before dropping them home! We’ll swing by in the morning to pick up your dog and then return them home at the end of the day after a full day of exercise and activity. We offer a door-to-door service in the morning and evening, meaning you can just head out to work in the morning knowing your dog will be having a lot more fun today than you will be in the office!

Doggy Daycare Services

Puppy Daycare

If you’re looking for a place for your new pup to spend their day- to have a lot of fun but also make some friends and grow and develop into happy and friendly adult dogs, hopefully Buddies is everything you could dream of and more! Depending on the breed of your pup, they will gradually move up into different groups as they grow so they continue to play with dogs of a similar size. This means if you have a large breed pup, they don’t accidentally become a bully while trying to play with teeny pups, and if you’re the proud owner of one of those teeny pups- your little one is safely away from the bigger, more boisterous guys!

Puppy Daycare Services

Meet Vicki, our Primrose Hill superstar!

“Having previously studied veterinary care, I’m passionate about dogs of all shapes and sizes and working at Buddies is the best job I could ever think of! I feel lucky to cover the Primrose Hill area. It has an amazing doggy community, with most owners knowing each other having met in the nearby parks. As I live in London too, it’s great to escape to the country everyday with the dogs and enjoy a fun filled day in the country!”

Barney at Primrose Hill Doggy Day Care

Richard with Barney

Buddies have taken care of our dog, Barney, in day care from day one. The service that is provided is second to none. Barney is happy, confident, well behaved and healthy. We never need to worry about him. The team is totally reliable, trustworthy and flexible. Barney’s routine is consistent and it is clear that he enjoys his day care very much. When we go away on vacation, he stays with Buddies and again this gives us peace of mind, knowing he is in the hands of people who care for him as much as we do.