Paddington Doggy Day Care



If you live in Paddington or the rest of W2 and you are looking for a great place for your dog or puppy to spend their days- you’ve struck gold! We will swing by in the morning to pick them up and transport them a short distance out of London to our picturesque, purpose built doggy daycare centre.


Dog Daycare

If you want more than a midday walk in London for your dog, our countryside doggy daycare service is the perfect solution! It is by far the best place for your dog to spend their days while you are busy at work. With a friendly, sociable atmosphere and loads for them to do. You can be guilt free knowing your dog is having a load of fun in the country with their friends rather than sat in a flat or house in Paddington!

Doggy Daycare Services

Puppy Daycare

We have a large group of happy dogs for your puppy to make friends with and to learn from. We will start working on recall in the safety of the daycare- and they will quickly be able to play and explore off lead with you in the parks. Plenty of fun and exercise, but plenty of naps too, it’s the perfect place for soft pink paws!

Puppy Daycare Services

Meet Stefi- our dedicated driver in W2

“Its not just the dogs that make my job so wonderful, I’m really lucky to work alongside and be supported by an amazing bunch of hard working, caring and compassionate colleagues. We genuinely care about the safety and wellbeing of the dogs and ensure that they are always happy and having a good time. If they are having fun, we are having fun!”