Notting Hill Doggy Day Care



Are you looking for a great doggy daycare service in Notting Hill but can’t stand the idea of your best friend being crammed into a tiny flat or stuck in the back of a pet shop all day? We don’t blame you- and thank goodness you’ve found Buddies! We are the very opposite of those ‘daycare centres’, if you can even call them that. We have space- lots of space, and safe and secure space at that!


Dog Daycare

Buddies offers the perfect adventure playground for dogs. We have 16 acres of purpose built doggy paradise- filled with giant fallen tree trunks to clamber over, shallow pools to splash in, sandpits to dig in and a whole host of other friendly dogs to chase, wrestle and play with! No matter what your dog’s interests are, we make sure they have a fun filled day- every day.

Doggy Daycare Services

Puppy Daycare

One of the many benefits of having so much space, is being able to create different play areas for different groups of dogs. Here at Buddies, we have a dedicated area for pups to play in safety and learn about the world away from big clumsy paws. We work tirelessly to make sure pups have positive experiences day in day out, helping them grow in confidence and develop into happy and sociable adult dogs.

Puppy Daycare Services

Meet Stefi- our photographer and driver in W11

“As well as being the photographer here at Buddies, I drive into Notting Hill to pick up our dogs that are joining us for the day, and return them home at night. I love driving through this area each day as it’s such a beautiful and diverse area of London- and all so dog friendly!”

Goose at Notting Hill Doggy Day Care

Christine with Goose

Buddies Doggy Day Care is an excellent company and we very highly recommend their services. When we first got our puppy chihuahua we contacted them about socialising and taking care of our new addition. They were friendly, professional, knowledgeable and SO helpful. We have now had Goose with Buddies Puppy & Doggy Day Care (plus occasional boarding) for over four years and have experienced nothing but outstanding customer service.