Kensington & Holland Park Doggy Day Care



The dogs of Kensington have it pretty good, it has to be said. The hardest decision in their weekend is whether to head to Kensington Gardens or Holland Park! While the weekends are built for lazy strolls with their owners- or some more active ball chasing, weekdays pose a bit more of an issue. Hectic lives often mean dogs can get the raw end of the deal, and this is where Buddies comes in! Our doggy daycare is perfect for dogs to spend some time at during the week- getting some energy out of their system and playing with their friends in safe, secure and fun daycare centre!


Dog Daycare

Buddies is not your average doggy daycare- that we promise. There are no cages at the back of pet shops or dogs crammed into a tiny flat here! We have a purpose built, 16 acre countryside daycare right on the edge of London and we will come by and pick up your dog in the morning ourselves and take them there for a fun packed day of enrichment and socialization! We then bring them home in the evening- tired and happy, ready to greet you with a wagging tail when you get home from your own busy day.

Doggy Daycare Services

Puppy Daycare

Its not just the big boys that we take care of here at Buddies! We have a dedicated puppy daycare open to pups as soon as they have completed their 2nd round of vaccinations. This is the perfect age to start learning about the world and our special team of carers ensure that pups have positive experiences in a whole range of environments, helping them grow in confidence and develop into happy and sociable adult dogs.

Puppy Daycare Services

Meet Ryan- one of our amazing drivers in W8

Ryan is a vital part of the team at Buddies, ensuring that when ever a driver is away on holiday, you still get the same seamless service you are used to! Combining years of experience managing fleets of vehicles in London with a burning passion for working with dogs, joining Buddies was a dream come true for both Ryan and us!

Phoebe at Kensington & Holland Park Doggy Day Care

Patrick with Phoebe

Buddies are an absolutely fantastic daycare operation and I would recommend them to anyone. My wife and I have been sending our Cockapoo to them since she was a puppy and they have played a huge role in the happy and well-adjusted dog she has grown into.

The team are hugely dedicated to creating a top notch experience for dogs and puppies in particular – they did such a good work on our dog’s recall that we barely had to work on it with her! They are also total lifesavers for us – we can go about our workday knowing that our dog will be collected and dropped back having had a fantastic (and tiring) day running around and socialising. And whenever we need to discuss any special requirements with them, they are an absolute pleasure to deal with – always enthusiastic and accommodating.