Buddies FAQs

Q: What areas do you cover?

To see our full map of the areas we cover, click here!

We cover the majority of North, West, Northwest and Central London for our Dog and Puppy daycare. From Kensal Green in the West to De Beauvoir Town in the East, from East Finchley in the North to Holland Park & Kensington in the South! Have a look at our map and see if you are within our pointers. If you aren't sure whether you fall inside or are just outside, please let us know to double check and see if there is anything we can do!

We now also cover parts of Hertfordshire too- including Watford, St Albans, Berkhamstead, Hemel Hempstead, Redbourn and surrounding smaller towns and villages.

Q: Are the pointers on your map individual daycare centres?

No, all of the dogs and puppies we look after come to the same countryside daycare centre. The map shows our pickup areas rather than separate daycare locations.

Q: What are your prices?

Our dog and puppy daycare is charged at £45 per day. This includes VAT and transport between home and the daycare both ways!

We are able to offer a discount for dogs that come to Buddies on a full-time, 5 day a week schedule and also for multiple dogs from the same home.

Q: Do dogs have to come on the same days each week?

We work on a nursery system, so your dog will have a reserved space each week on the days that you want to send them. Our minimum service is 2 days per week, although many of our dogs come to play with us 5 days a week. These do need to be the same days each week, but you can add the odd extra day here and there if you need to and we have space. Your set days are reserved and 100% guaranteed for you every week into the future for as long as you choose to send your dog to us!

Q: Do dogs have to be well trained and have a good recall?

Absolutely not! We welcome dogs with all levels of training and recall- as long as they are sociable and friendly, they can come to play! Our daycare is totally private and secure so they can run off lead in safety. Being off lead for long periods of time with us often has a dramatic improvement on dogs' recall and behaviour in general.

Q: What happens in bad weather?

Buddies is open come rain or shine! Although we are primarily an outdoor daycare, each area of the daycare has shelter available at all times. Most dogs aren't too fussed about a spot of rain, but for those that are there is always a cosy place to escape to. For our younger and smaller friends, we have a large indoor area for them to play in all year round. They also have almost half an acre of clean wood chip attached to the barn to explore and play on keeping those delicate paws clean and dry even in the depths of winter!

Q: Do you clean dogs before they come home?

In our experience, a dirty dog is a happy dog- however we understand that this doesn't necessarily make you feel any better when your cream sofa turns brown... We always try our best to send dogs home as clean as possible. We have heated showers at the daycare to wash dogs down (we only use water rather than shampoo which can damage fur with repeated use) if they get muddy. They may not come home pristine, but they won't come home caked in mud!

Q: How young can puppies start coming to daycare?

Puppies need to be at least 10 weeks old and have completed their 2nd round of vaccinations. It's great to get puppies started in daycare young as these positive experiences will set them up for life!

Q: My dog isn't great with other dogs- can they still come to Buddies?

Unfortunately not. Although we understand that not all dogs love being around groups of other dogs, if yours doesn't- we aren't the right place for them to spend their days. Our daycare is a friendly and sociable place for dogs to interact and play together, and if your dogs isn't going to enjoy that or shows any form of aggression, we wouldn't be able to accept them.

Q: What's the deal with pick up and drop off?

Basically, we take care of everything! We are insured key holders for all of our clients, so not only do you not need to bring your dog to us, you don't even need to be in when we come to collect them and drop them home! You will have the same driver each day that picks your dog up and drops them home in the evening. Our fleet of VW vans are not sign written, are GPS tracked and have front and rear CCTV for safety and security. They are professionally fitted with transport crates that are fixed into the van for the safest way to get dogs from A to B. We are also one of the only daycares who's vehicles have heating and air conditioning for the rear of the vehicles where the dogs are, rather than just the staff in the front!

Q: What time do you pick up and drop off each day?

We collect our dogs between 8.45 and 10am and drop them home between 4.45 and 6pm. The exact times depend on where you live within the route and the traffic on the day. We have different routes covering different parts of London- allowing us to get everyone collected as quickly as possible!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

At Buddies you aren't forced into a contract with a minimum length of service or notice period. We want you to send your dog to us because they love coming and because you want to, not because you have to! You are free to stop at anytime- although dogs are usually with us for a significant period of time. Day to day, you are able to cancel one of your regular days of daycare online through your account right up until 11pm the night before. Cancelled days are reduced to 50% and continue to be reserved for you so you never lose your place.

Q: What is your policy on neutering?

We have a full policy for neutering at Buddies, you can read it by clicking here!

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

Yes! Buddies Doggy Daycare centre is a fully licensed, 5 star rated service. All doggy daycares in the UK have to be licensed by law and each one is given a star rating from 1 to 5 depending on the quality and safety of the facilities and the service provided. We were actually the first outdoor doggy daycare to be licensed in the UK back in 2015 and we helped write and shape the licensing for all daycare services in the UK since then! We are also comprehensively insured with a specialist animal services insurance company.