Our Environmental Responsibility

Stewardship, Carbon Neutrality & Waste

Environmental Stewardship

Owning acres of land in the countryside comes with a significant responsibility, and it’s not one we take lightly. The British countryside has been decimated over the years due to the opening of fields, the destruction of hedgerows and the felling of trees. Over cutting verges has also removed the homes for insects and forage for bees.

At Buddies, we are turning this on its head. As part of our stewardship, we have planted, maintain and continue to plant kilometres of native hedging around our fields joining up to existing hedges to improve pathways and home habitats for birds, mammals and insects alike. We have also planted 100’s of native trees and add to this number every year.

We set aside areas of our land purely for wildlife- no dogs allowed! Here we have planted wildflower meadow areas to increase biodiversity and forage for insects and bees and we even have our own bee hives too (far away from the dogs)! We prioritise wildlife and biodiversity over neatly trimmed verges- giving us a more rustic appearance, but we think it’s worth it!

One of the benefits of having the dogs on the land is that grass is able to grow long and lush as it’s not being grazed on by livestock. This provides habitats for insects and mammals and also allows us to then cut hay from the fields too when the time is right.

Recycling & Waste

We also understand our responsibility to deal with the waste that is generated by our employees and our company here at Buddies. As well as standard recycling, we have a specialist collection service for clean paper, bottles/ cans and coffee cups. And to encourage the non-use of disposable coffee cups we provide all of our employees with insulated stainless steel keep cups and hot drinks made on site. In addition to this, we use Terra Cycle to recycle a whole host of other items- this includes crisp packets, snack wrappers, disposable gloves, plastic film and wrapping and all pet food packaging. We also allow and encourage our staff to bring in their waste from home to add to this and cover the cost of it on their behalf.

The ‘dogs waste’ that is generated on site is collected and sent through a specialist company to an energy from waste plant where it is incinerated to produce electricity.

In fact, only a tiny proportion of our waste is sent to landfill and we are working to reduce this even more!