East Finchley Doggy Day Care


Our last stop before we head to the countryside is East Finchley and the rest of N2. Here we are just a short ride from our acres of private and secure meadows where our lucky guests play the days away with the dedicated staff and other 4 legged friends. With multiple groups all split by size and strength, Buddies is a really safe place as well as a lot of fun for dogs and pups to be. Transport is included within the service and we even offer boarding, grooming and veterinary care too!

Dog Daycare

Buddies offers the perfect adventure playground for dogs. We have a purpose built countryside doggy paradise- filled with giant fallen tree trunks to clamber up, splash pools to swim in, trampolines to bounce on and a whole host of other friendly dogs to chase, wrestle and play with! No matter what your dog’s interests are, we make sure they have a fun filled day- every day.

Doggy Daycare Services

Puppy Daycare

One of the biggest benefits of us having so much outdoor private space, is being able to create separate play areas for different groups of dogs. Here at Buddies, we have an area just for pups to play in safety and learn about the world away from big clumsy paws. We work tirelessly to ensure pups have positive experiences every day, helping them grow in confidence and develop into happy and sociable adult dogs.

Puppy Daycare Services

Meet Ania- our East Finchley superstar

“Growing up around dogs had me hooked on them from an early age. I spent my time volunteering in various rescue shelters and I knew that working with dogs was the career I wanted to pursue and I feel so lucky to have found a job that I look forward to going to everyday. One of the best things about working for Buddies is seeing a dog’s confidence grow as they spend more time with us and all the other dogs.”

Puyol at Islington Doggy Day Care

Lizzie with Puyol

Buddies are by far the best daycare in London. They take excellent care of our Golden Retriever, Puyol, and he comes home happy and worn out after a fun day with his friends. They are friendly, reliable, and always on time- Puyol knows exactly when it’s time to go sit by the door and wait to be picked up. I don’t know what we would do without Buddies! They are a real life saver if you work full time and don’t have time to give your pup their much needed exercise and stimulation.