Bayswater Doggy Day Care



Ahh Bayswater, what a dreamy place to live! Hustle and bustle right on the edge of beautiful Hyde Park. It would take some beating that’s for sure. However, it’s not quite the same when you’re stuck indoors alone while your human is out and about during the week! Fortunately, Buddies cover W2 for our services so worry no more!


Dog Daycare

Our daycare is a dogs idea of heaven! They spend the day running through the meadows, splashing in the pools, crawling through the tunnels and tyres, digging in the sandpits or bouncing on the trampoline, scrambling up the giant fallen tree trunks, leaping on the straw bales or just napping in the shade or the cosy heated shelters! Sounds exhausting just reading about it!

Doggy Daycare Services

Puppy Daycare

As well as 16 acres of secure outdoor space, we have a huge indoor play barn for puppies and small dogs to play in – so even in bad weather the fun doesn’t stop! With beds, toys and play equipment and joining directly on to almost half an acre of clean woodchip to play on- this is the perfect place for our smaller friends to spend the day and learn about the world!

Puppy Daycare Services

Meet Stefi- our dedicated driver in W2

“I feel so lucky to wake up every morning genuinely excited to go to work and pick up my favourite four legged friends! I’ve always been fascinated with nature and animals, working with dogs has been a natural progression into something I’m passionate about, even when I’m not working, I still find myself saying hi to random dogs in the park and seem to unconsciously gravitate towards any canines riding the underground!”

Puyol the golden retriever at Buddies Bayswater Doggy Day Care

Lizzie with Puyol

Buddies are by far the best daycare in London. They take excellent care of our Golden Retriever, Puyol, and he comes home happy and worn out after a fun day with his friends. They are friendly, reliable, and always on time- Puyol knows exactly when it’s time to go sit by the door and wait to be picked up. I don’t know what we would do without Buddies! They are a real life saver if you work full time and don’t have time to give your pup their much needed exercise and stimulation.

Lilly at Bayswater Doggy Daycare

Lee-Ann with Lilly

My dog Lilly has thrived for 5 years now under the great care of the Buddies team. She stares out the window waiting for them to pick her up each day, and returns home with her tail wagging and completely tired out from running and playing with the other dogs. Lilly stays overnight too, when I go out of town, and it’s the only thing that lets me relax and not worry while I’m gone. I wouldn’t trust my Lilly to anyone else!

Callie at Bayswater Puppy Day Care

Nick with Callie

Without Buddies, we would not be able to have a dog- thank you! We sent our puppy to Buddies as soon as she was able to go! The Buddies family are incredibly friendly & helpful to owners (especially new ones such as us!). You can REALLY tell they are dog people, and can’t wait to see the dogs on pick up! Our puppy can’t wait to go spend the day running around with the rest of the lucky dogs!