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How Buddies Doggy Day Care Began

About Us | Roxy's Story

When I moved into London with my human, people kept telling us that it wasn’t a place for dogs, that dogs should stay in the country and out of the city. We thought they were all wrong so we came to London anyway and I met LOADS of doggy friends! We all talked about how the country people thought that city dogs are the unfortunate ones, and how wrong they all were. We decided that we should set up a club so that we could all go out to play together- we called it Buddies!

We needed a human to be in charge of the club, so I asked mine if he would do it. Thankfully he said yes- phew! The word soon spread about Buddies as we all howled it from the rooftops, and soon all the dogs in London wanted to be a part of our club. We needed a way for the humans to find out about us so I asked mine to set up this website thing for the humans to read. I think it’s quite nice so I hope you do to!

My team work really hard to help me run Buddies. They pick my friends up from their houses and take them out to play with us at our dog daycare. They always look after them really, really well and make sure they get home safely once we are all tired out.

Any dog or puppy can join the Buddies club, from Yorkshire Terriers to Great Danes- and as long as you have had your shots you can join at any age!

We are now a family business too, as my own puppy Scoop (she’s the one on the right) has joined the team to help us run it! She isn’t much help really as she is quite daft compared to me… but she means well and is very sweet. We also get help from our good friend Skye (the one on the left) who brings a rather more steady view to the boardroom to make sure we cater for everyone!

So, if you want to join us at Buddies, get your human to call or email us and you can come and play with us!

Lots of love,